Our preference for women, the importance of sexuality for self-love and connection and the belief that everyone can be who he/she/them is means that we will be working on:

Selfness® – Sensual Intimacy, ODE to Women.

Sensuality : the spectrum of romantic, erotic and sexual connections with yourself or with each other. 'Sensual' simply means 'of the senses': sight, smell, sound, taste and touch.

Intimacy : a deep sense of knowing and being known that develops over time through shared vulnerabilities and a deeper emotional connection (spirituality).

We do this together with our partners and with our club members.

Feel like a woman, powerful, sexy, appreciated, seen and grateful. Will you join Selfness®?

There are no costs associated with membership.

We are only at the beginning of Selfness® and we will work with our partners & club members on our ODE to women with great pleasure and passion.

The Selfness® team