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About seven years ago we started developing nutritional supplements that stimulate the natural production of Oxytocin (the cuddle hormone). The supplements OXT & OXTR became a success and were acquired three years ago by a market leader in natural nutritional supplements.

During the corona period, we noticed that self-love was increasingly coming to the fore and registered the word mark " Selfness® ".

At the beginning of 2023 we felt we found the substance of the Selfness® brand. Via the connecting hormone oxytocin, we increasingly came into contact with the subject of sexuality in the broadest sense of the word. The importance of sexuality within relationships, sexuality with yourself, the shame surrounding sexuality and talking about sexuality and sexual desires.

Sexual Well-being ( Sexual Wellness ) is a description that we often encountered in various studies worldwide and we always read how important sexual well-being can be with yourself, with the other and within relationships.

Our predilection for women, the importance of sexuality for self-love and connection and the conviction that everyone can be who he/she/them is means that we will be working on:

Selfness® – Sensual Intimacy, ODE to Women.

Sensuality : the spectrum of romantic, erotic and sexual connections with yourself or with each other. 'Sensual' simply means 'of the senses': sight, smell, sound, taste and touch . Source: WebMD

Intimacy : A deep sense of knowing and being known that develops over time through shared vulnerabilities and a deeper emotional connection (spirituality).

The sexuality of women and the importance of the clitoris is a neglected child. Read about it in our blog " Let's get clitorate ".

We therefore start our mission with the collection of ODE - Clitoris jewelery .

ODE is "More than just a piece of jewelry, it's a feeling" - When I wear ODE I feel like a woman, powerful, sexy, valued, seen and grateful.

Our jewelry can also be a good reason for a conversation.

We are only at the beginning of Selfness® and together with our partners we will work with great pleasure and passion on our ODE to women.

The team of Selfness