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Voluptuousness - Elise van Alderen

Elise van Alderen is a sexologist, doctor, and author of the book: Voluptuousness – Why we as women enjoy sex too little and how we can change that.

Elise specializes in the treatment of sexual problems in women. Her practice is located in a center for women's care, where she receives women from all over the Netherlands for consultation. She also sells 3D clitorises. Based on her expertise in gender stereotyping, she has contributed to the development of the Pubergids and the Kriebels in je tummy teaching package.

Elise's starting point is that the sexual oppression of women within the patriarchy is the root of women's oppression in general. The most important way out of this oppression is therefore through sexuality.
Based on Voluptuousness , Elise takes to the barricade to end sexual inequality.

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Elise: "My mission - and the motivation for my book - is to help women free themselves from the restrictions placed on them sexually, so that they can shape their sexuality according to their own understanding and desires. Voluptuousness is based on my education, years of work experience, and the stories of the hundreds of women I have treated in my practice. It includes information and images of the vulva and clitoris, and extensive explanations about how sexuality works. In addition, I debunk myths about female lust, and describe I see how obstructive the shame and insecurity about their own body can be. Finally, I provide tips that help women (again) connect with their own body and sexuality."

This liberating book teaches you how you too can enjoy sex more.

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Why is it that sexual pleasure for women is often hard to find – and how can we change that? Deeply ingrained cultural myths about female lust, learned shame about one's own body and a lack of knowledge limit the possibilities for women to experience their sexuality as they would like. Fortunately, there is now Voluptuousness, a book about freedom and pleasure! Sexologist Elise van Alderen helps women on their way to sexual autonomy. Her book provides clear explanations about your sex organs, frees you from expectations and pressure, punctures many persistent myths and offers tools and exercises to discover your own sexuality. So that as a woman you can finally fully and freely enjoy sex. Lasciviousness in the Media .

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