LUST - Podcast van Jacqueline van Lieshout

LUST - Podcast by Jacqueline van Lieshout

This is LUST! A podcast in which Jacqueline van Lieshout (48 years old) has been single again after a relationship of 14 years and talks about it extensively. In this new phase, Jacqueline is active on the dating path and surprisingly with a strong preference for younger men! That is of course very exciting, fun and delicious, but beyond all the dating fun, she unintentionally also encounters all kinds of issues about (female) sexuality and forms of relationships. Jacqueline discusses this weekly this season with relationship therapist and friend Qruun Schram and where they look for more depth, they enlist the help of various experts who provide interesting insights. Whether you're single, in a relationship, or somewhere in between; this podcast is for every woman who gives herself LUST.


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