Let's talk about seks

Let's talk about sex

Let's talk about sex

Is your sex life in the doldrums?
Do you want to enjoy sex together again?
Together, build a foundation for a lifetime of sexual pleasure

During this one online training (following together) of Inbalansonline you get to know and understand yourself (and each other) better as a sexual being, you learn to speak openly and respectfully with each other about your sexual relationship, wishes and limits and you discover how you can enjoy (a lifetime of ) sexual pleasure in your relationship.

This is what you will discover:

  • That sex is fascinating and versatile, and how you can bring that back into your sex life
  • That sex drive doesn't always come naturally, and how you can influence this yourself
  • Where your sexual system blocks and how sex can flow again
  • How talking about sex can bring you to great heights again
  • Which beliefs and social factors can influence your sex experience
  • What wishes you each have, and how you can respect each other's boundaries

Download the free ebook 'Let's talk about sex' here

This online training brings the fun back into your sexual relationship. You learn who you are as a sexual person. About how sex works for you. Where your sexual system blocks and how it can flow sexually between you again.

In ten weeks you build a solid foundation for a lifetime of sexual pleasure.

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