Eveline Stallaart

Eveline Stallaart

Eveline Stallart - Sexologist Amsterdam

Sexologist Amsterdam ESSH is a practice for accessible sexological care. Located at the Vondelpark in Amsterdam, centrally located near PC Hooftstraat.

The practice of sexologist Eveline Stallaart offers immediate expert help and advice to women and men of all ages who have questions or problems in the field of sexuality, intimacy and/or relationships.

Book : 'Just Between Us '

Theater : My theater tour 'Even between us' will start from March 2024, in which I will give a glimpse into my practice in a pleasant and accessible way. With fun (anonymized) anecdotes, insights, tools and tips. Lighthearted and educational!


In addition to the face-to-face consultations in the practice in Amsterdam, it is now also possible to: my online self-help program to follow. This allows the most common sexual problems to be tackled very effectively from home.

In a series of online videos I discuss the complaints, causes and solutions and you actively work on improvements through assignments (possibly with a partner). Just like consultations in practice, but simple, easy, anonymous and effective from home.

For more information about the 'Better Intimate' program, visit: www.beterintiem.nl

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