De Sekswijzer - Anna Marah Jansen

The Sex Guide - Anna Marah Jansen

Podcast Women (in) business - De Sexwijzer - Anna Marah Jansen
"Normalize female pleasure and do you know what the clitoris really looks like?
An interesting episode for both men and women. Until 2020, the clitoris could not be found in a biology textbook. The lack of knowledge about this organ and female pleasure remains a major problem (for both men and women). Anna Marah Jansen, founder of De Sexwijzer, has dedicated herself to educating both men and women about the importance of female pleasure. Listen to this interesting podcast with Anna at Women (in) Business .

We investigate the crucial role of female pleasure and the still prevailing taboo. While men are moving up the social ladder, women are still judged for having multiple sexual partners - that needs to change. Normalizing conversations about sex is essential. It shouldn't be weird to talk openly about someone's sex life, right?

We all do it, and if it were just about reproduction, there would be a lot more people in this world. There is a need for education: "many women don't even know what the clitoris looks like"

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