the only organ in the human body designed primarily for pleasure

“a portal to the beautiful, the fleshy, the exquisite, the poetic, the visceral, the innocent, the naughty, the tender, the intelligent, the humorous, the painful, the pleasurable, the dignified, the bound, the free, the ultimately sublime experience of being life in a human body”

“all bodies are entitled to pleasure, which is fundamental to full citizenship”

— sophia wallace

Sophia Wallace is leading the cliteracy movement with deeply thoughtful avant guard conceptualizations of the clitoris. A Brooklyn-based artist and photographer, she has taken the conversation much further than any other artist to this date. Her multimedia series CLITERACY, her experiential installations, her sculpture, wearable art, her exhilirating hilarious 'Clit rodeo'. All pointing at a new fresh conversation, empowering the woman to stand for her citizenship, her pleasure, her freedom, her orgasm, her flesh in her entirety. Sophia's work has been featured at Kunsthalle Wien Museum, Art Basel Miami, Scope NY, Taschen Gallery and Aperture Gallery, and many others. The clits out of the bag. Sophia stands where art, gender, pleasure and democracy beautifully collide.

CLITERACY is a mixed media series that explores a paradox – the global obsession with sexualizing female bodies in a world that is illiterate when it comes to female sexuality. The complete anatomy of the clitoris was only discovered 1998 and is almost universally unknown to this day. Female genitals are still considered taboo.

— sophia wallace

The clitoris, the true full organ, is virtually invisible to the eye. Most of it is deep within the pelvic cavity, wrapping around the vaginal walls like the wings of a majestic bird. Sophia's Άδάμας (pronounced Adamas is a Greek word meaning “unconquerable”) is perhaps the first anatomically correct sculpture of the clitoris. With her futuristic glamor, Άδάμας stands tall, facing you straight at the eye level, to be finally seen in her striking beauty and cosmic dignity.

CLITERACY upholds that all bodies are entitled to pleasure, which is fundamental to full citizenship. The 100 Laws reference and remix various sources from philosophy to hip-hop lyrics. Intended to be viewed in public space, the project engages art audiences and mobilizes masses.

— sophia wallace


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